Monday, February 9, 2015

DLP, Week 4

January Theme: The Blank Page & How to Face It
Art Challenge: Writing
Journal Prompt: Words with Friends

This week's challenge was difficult for me. At first I couldn't decide what to do, then a few things happened that I needed to work through. This is the first time I've used art and journaling (instead of just journaling) to process through something difficult & I really liked it. Adding the art aspect really helped. Especially in this case, since I ended up making something pretty out of some feelings that are kind of ugly.

I began by writing a letter to someone whom I have known forever, and whom I love, but who does not seem to understand how to care for another person. I needed to get some feelings out that I wouldn't actually share with the person, so I wrote & wrote. Then I looked at what I had written and used Glossy Accents to highlight the positive words I found. I looked for words that describe what friendship truly means, words like, "care," "love," "best," "hopes," etc.

After that dried, I covered the whole thing with a couple coats of gesso and some pink acrylic paint. When that was dry, I used a baby wipe (& quite a bit of elbow grease) to clear the gesso & paint from the highlighted words. Now all the bad stuff was covered up & only the good stuff was left.

I tinted some joint compound with light green paint & used a leafy stencil to add some vines. Add to that some hearts, outlining, bird sticker, and my quote. 

 I love this quote by Thomas Aquinas.

 I didn't really pick a focal point for this spread. I really wanted to just highlight the quote and the words that were left after the paint.

A little texture from joint compound. (This momma is on a budget & the stuff from the hardware store is a lot less expensive than modelling or texture paste from the art store.)

I'm glad this challenge is done. It was difficult, and I do really feel better about something that had been weighing heavily on my heart for a long time. After this I was able to pretty well let all that bad stuff (and the person it was attached to) go.