Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Planner Cover

I've been using the same planner for about a year & a half. And by "same" planner, I mean the cover. It's a half-size three ring binder, so I'm constantly changing & updating its "guts." In all this time, the cover has been white. Plain white. With some dirt on it. And some random pen marks.

Yeah... pretty.

I've been meaning to do something fun with it for... 16 months or so. And FINALLY, I made time to address the problem last week.

This year I'm using it as more than a planner, though. I've decided to participate in The Original Documented Life Project.

And I'm also using it as a journal and a smashbook.

So the cover needed to be pretty. Or at least not dirty stained white. Right? Right.

Here is the final cover:

One of my main goals for the Documented Life Project pages this year is to really force myself to step outside of my box. I want to use new techniques, materials, colors, etc. that I wouldn't normally use. So far it's going pretty ok. I'm definitely using a LOT more color than usual. And layers. This bad boy has more layers than an Alaskan out for a walk in February.

How are you stepping outside of your box this year?

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